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The cost of hardware, software and networking just seems to go up and up.

At Connected Intelligence, we have a collective wealth of experience. We can independently examine your needs, look at the issues and suggest solutions.

We can even help you implement the solution you need, thanks to our significant buying power and industry relationships. We can ensure that all expenditure is made of the right items, at the best price.

And with software licensing compliance becoming such a risky and expensive issue, we can audit and report on the availability and usage of software licenses within your organisation. From this information we can suggest alternative approaches to your platforms and applications and keep you informed.

Equally as important is the management of your hardware assets. With the rapid depreciation of IT hardware, and the constant changes made in a dynamic business, it's easy to lose track of your resources and entitlements, having a direct impact of your future capital expenditure as parts are replaced unnecessarily.

We assign each piece of hardware with a unique ID, and maintain a complete inventory of your hardware assets increasing the likelihood of a strong return on your investment, and ensuring the availability of detailed technical information for accurate user support, network administration and reporting.

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